You're Not Listening

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You're Not Listening is a vital training program for communication with DVD containing a series of vignettes demonstrating poor listening habits and  how to overcome them.  Listening well leads to success in all we do and studies show that we listen at only about 25% efficiency.  Why do we listen so poorly?  Do we get distracted, tune out or lose interest?  Effective listening is possible and like everything else, can be improved through practice.
Key Training Points:
  • use attentive body language
  • use thinking speed constructively
  • maintain silence/observe
  • avoid prejudice
  • avoid jumping to conclusions
  • be an active listener
  • identify common barriers to listening
  • consequences of poor listening
  • six effective listening skills

Training package includes:  You're Not Listening, Second Edition DVD (20 minutes)  plus Leader's Guide

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