Team Performance Inventory Facilitator Guide Kit

Comprehensive workshop tp provide valuable insight into a team's dynamics and performane behaviors.

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Team Performance Inventory Facilitation Package includes the Facilitator Guide (224 pages) plus a copy of the Team Performance Inventory and Participant Workbook. 

This facilitator package will help you provide:

  • A process for team members to explore their interactions
  • A developmental roadmap with milestones and practical action steps
  • Ways to build a climate that promotes trust and understanding among team members
  • Valuable insights into a team's unique dynamics and performance behaviors
  • Suggestions for identifying the steps that can be taken to improve effectiveness
  • Techniques for evaluating member commitment to the team and ideas for strengthening team player behaviors
  • Ways to identify the goals that can bring value to the organization and its stakeholders

The Team Performance Inventory Facilitation Kit includes:

  • Instructions for a facilitated workshop to understand the stages of team development and what the team needs to do to move to the next stage of performance
  • a toolkit of performance building activities and exercises for strenghening teams and interpersonal behavior
  • 12 activities for learning and development within a team workshop along with the 9 activities provided in the Participants Workbook
  • a CD-ROM with scoring software and sample scoring for reference, email links to ask questions and help desk contact information.  This CD-ROM also contains a full set of reproducible exercise masters and PowerPoint slides for use in the workshop.
  • A proven, reliable 40 item assessment instrument that identifies a team's level of performance
  • a Participant Workbook that introduces the four stages of team performance, includes individual and team development plans and exercises for developing effective team performance

Team Performance Inventory can be used effectively with any collaborative group, whether a workgroup, a department, or an entire business unit.


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