Team Emotional and Social Intelligence( TESI) Short Assessment

Short assessment to measure seven dimensions of team behavior.
Short assessment to measure seven dimensions of team behavior.

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Team Emotional and Social Intelligence ( TESI) Short is a 10 minute assessment ( 8 pages- developed by Marcia Hughes, published September 2008)  that is a starting point for understanding a team's Emotional Intelligence.   Each individual in the team completes and scores the assessment and the results are then aggregated to arrive at a team rating.  The assessment measures seven dimensions of team behavior and performance:

  1. team identity
  2. motivation
  3. emotional awareness
  4. communications
  5. stress tolerance
  6. conflict resolution
  7. positive mood

Developed by Marcia Hughes noted author with James Bradford Terrell of " The Emotionally Intelligent Team: Understanding and Developing the Behaviors of Success", hardcover 224 pages November 2007.

Available Products:

TESI Short Assessment-$15.00

Participant Kit: includes workbook + TESI  Short assessment-$40.00

Facilitator Kit: includes copy of book, TESI Short assessment, Participant Workbook, TESI Poster and Facilitator Guide for full day or half-day workshop-$149.00

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