Stepping Up: Roadmap for New Supervisors Facilitator Guide Set

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Stepping Up: A Road  Map for New Supervisors workshop Facilitator Guide is fully scripted and includes step by step series of learning strategies that are supported by the workshop materials. 
This proven workshop gives you the tools you need to present an accurate, real life picture of what it means to be a supervisor, the expectations for the position, the skills and knowledge required as a supervisor and the path to effectively supervise others.
  • understand the role of supervisor
  • effectively deal with the challenges that new supervisors face
  • implement the steps needed to get started as a new supervisor
  • apply the principles to build credibility as a supervisor
  • employ performance components when supervising
  • prepare a personalized road map to develop their supervisory knowledge and skills
Facilitator Set includes: Facilitator Guide complete with PowerPoint slides, supporting materials  on CD Rom and interactice participant Workbook with a useful self assessment questionaire that pinpoints areas for growth.  The materials can be used as is or can be customized by the facilitator to fit their teaching style.
Additional participant Workbooks available separately.

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