Motivation: Igniting Exceptional Performance

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Motivation: Igniting Exceptional Performance training program is aimed at sparking up employee performance and igniting top-caliber talent at any organization. 

You can get things going with this program. It explains the advantages of spontaneous interaction, of a walk-around style of management and of an open-door policy in all organizational levels. It also describes ingenious ways to tap individual initiative, set up a suggestion-system and transform employees into agents of positive change.

In this program, managers discover the powerful use of simple, ongoing one-on-one recognition and continuous informal recognition. And as they develop employee trust, build confidence and encourage creativity, they ultimately create a work environment that's more than poised and ready to solve organizational challenges.

How-To Training Points:

  • How to spark excitement, fuel momentum and sustain a passion
  • How to reward and build morale and trust
  • How to encourage creativity
  • How to solicit suggestions and feedback
  • How to provide rewards and recognition
  • How to communicate and be visible to your employees
Training Options:
  • DVD based facilitated training package that includes a Leader's Guide and Power Point Presentation
  • Streaming License- call us for this option

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