Everything DISC Sales Profile and Workshop

Learn how your personal selling style affects your success with customers.

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Everything DISC© Sales Profile and Workshop has been designed to help you connect with your customers.  Sales Reps that have been trained with this program learn about their own style of selling, they learn about customer's style of receiving information from a Sales Agent and also through this program mapping of 5 clients with your and their styles!

Everything Sales Introduction Video.

Everything DiSC Sales - Customer Mapping

This new workshop incorporates results from the Everything DISC Sales profile which is completed on-line and then explored during a facilitated workshop which delves into each participant's personal selling style and how it compares to those of their clients.  The workshop also includes video of the interaction between the DISC styles and also provides the opportunity for the participant to compare their style with five potential customers.

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Features of this DISC Workshop that Clients rave about:

    • Being able to change the name of the profile, or rearrange pages in the profile
    • The personalized profile, including actionable strategies they could use immediately
    • The comprehensive leader's guide--they were astonished at how easy it was to make changes, from adding comments for the trainer, to increasing the font size so it could be easily read by the trainer!
    • The video--WOW was the general comment! They especially liked the matrix sections where they could pick and choose the "ineffective/effective" scenarios
    • The ease of customization of the program to fit their time constraints and their needs

"Since receiving this training, we have noticed a sharp inprovment overall in our salesforce.  Their ability to connect with their existing customers, connecting positively with new clients and building their territories."  Sales Director of leading Pharmaceutical company.

Facilitation Package includes one (1) set of Customer Interaction Guides and Interview Cards
Additional Customer Interaction Guides ( packs of 25) available separately.
Each participant must complete the on-line Sales Profile
DiSC is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.

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