Who Are They Anyway?

Help your employees by more accountable.

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Who are "They" Anyway is based on the book of the same name by BJ Gallagher Hateley, well know for her very successful animated films.."Peacock in the Land of Penguins" and "Pigeon Holed in the Land of Penguins". 

 Who Are "They" Anyway? appeals to both heads and hearts of employees at all levels..from folks on the front line to supervisors and middle managers all the way to top executives.  An intriguing parable of discovery, as the hero goes in search of someone who can fix what's wrong, deal with difficult people and take charge of fixing individual and organizational problems. 

The Who Are They Anyway?  video and facilitator guide are designed to help your organization make the shift from looking for "them" to blame to realizing that there IS no "them" and beginning to accept personal accountability.  The training designs, participant handouts, group discussion questions and individual exercises are all aimed at providing a powerful catalyst to help everyone in the organization understand that personal accountability is a choice.  Is your organization using the language of Whiners or Winners? The book Who Are "They" Anyway is out of print.

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