Understanding the New ADA

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Understanding the New ADA training workshop with DVD is essential training for Managers and Supervisors on the changes made to the American with Disabilities Act and signed into law in 2008. As a result of these changes, many more people will fall under the coverage of this important law. 
Understanding the New A.D.A. explains the fundamentals of the new law and then describes the changes that are now in effect because of the new Act. This compliance training is critical for all managers in your organization.   Make sure your managers and supervisors are informed and trained on complying with the new updates to this law.
Key Training:
  • Who is covered under the new A.DA.A.A. (ADA Amendments Act)
  • How the definition of 'disability' has been clarified
  • What are "major life activities"?
  • How are the needed "reasonable accomodations" determined?
  • How should disabilitites be handled during job interviews?
  • What are "essential functions" in a job description?

Training options:

  • DVD (16 minutes) with comprehensive Facilitator's Guide, Power Point Presentation on CD-ROM . Participant handbook "Understanding the New A.D.A.  are available for purchase in packs of 10
  • Online Streaming License- call us

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