Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don't Quit UPDATED

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Twelve Angry Men: Teams That Don't Quit refreshed and in HD this classic training program with DVD narrated Dr. Margaret Wheatley uses clips from the classic movie starring Henry Fonda showing a jury contentiously trying to decide the innoncence or guilt of a boy indicted for murder. In the reconfigured verson, examples of organization teams meeting and discussing relevant issues are interspersed with the correlating scenes from Twelve Angry Men. Each clip is used to demonstrate a quality of an effective team.

This innovative video highlights five important concepts of great significance to our life at work:
  1. Leaders encourage inquiry
  2. Vigorous pursuit of decisions
  3. Equality of team members as participants in the process.
  4. Value of conflict in uncovering ideas and new information.
  5. The essential role of differing perspectives contribute to effective decisions.

Training Package includes Continuous Version:  DVD (23.18 minutes) plus a Facilitator's Guide.

Training Package includes: Alternate Version broken into 4 segments averaging 5-7 minutes each.
  1. We Need To Talk 5:29 minutes- This segment sets the plot of a 12 man jury having to decide the innocence or guilt of a boy being tried for murder. It also presents 5 key points that are required by teams/groups for having deep and careful discussions so as to arrive at effective, fair decisions.
  2. The Different Kind of Leadership 5:04 minutes- This segment focuses on the leader encouraging team members to be actively involved in the conversations; fearlessly express their views; avoid imposing his beliefs on the team; keep their minds open; and keep them from settling for easy answers.
  3. The Decision-Making Environment 7:05 minutes- This segment emphasizes the need to adopt the assumption of equality, which promotes the right of every participant to be respected for their opinion; and be allowed to express it. This is a critical attitude for being able to move toward a positive result.
  4. Diversity And Inclusion 7:18 minutes- This segment highlights 4 key points that focus on how each individual’s diverse background, results in different views that affect their perspective of the issue and/or the problem the participants are attempting to solve.

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