Trump University Marketing 101

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Trump University Marketing 101 combines the biggest name in the business, Donald J. Trump (foreword)  with the 40 year teaching experience of one of the most known marketing thinkers in academia, Don Sexton.  Without an MBA in marketing, how can today's entrepreneurs and business owners stay on top of what's happening in marketing?  How can they find the best new ideas and avoid those tactics that don't work or just lead to trouble?

Trump University Marketing 101 presents all the basics of a marketing MBA.  Each chapter focuses on one key marketing idea and explores it in a straightforward, non-academic manner with exercises and examples that show the idea in action.  Don Sexton also includes his own methodologies for making vital marketing decisions, the same methodologies major corporations pay top dollar to have him teach their employees.

Don Sexton is Professor of Business at Columbia University and principle of the Arrow Group LTD. a marketing consulting and training firm whose clients have included GE, Citigroup, IBM, Pfizer among many others.  He has taught at Columbia for more that 35 years, is a recipient of the Business School's Distinguised Teaching Award and has written numerous articles on marketing and branding issues. Published June 2006, hardcover 336 pages

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