Time Mastery

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Time Mastery ProfileĀ® a 32 page assessment of time management skills is available on-line through EPIC or as a paper based assessment.  Match the profile with a Facilitator's Kit to provide a complete seminar on time management improvement.
The instrument can help people explore time related behavior in 12 categories:
Written Communications
Team Time

The on-line format also includes a Skills Gap Analysis shows how respondents rate their skill in each category as well as its importance to their job.  This data helps determine where to focus time management efforts for greater personal and professional success.

As an additional tool for those facilitating a time management workshop using the Time Mastery ProfileĀ®, the Time Mastery Facilitator Report can be used to customize time mastery training or coashing sessions based on the job importance and self-assessed skill level of participants.  The Group Skills Gap Analysis shows group data, pinpointing those categories that need the most attention.  Participant data is presented anonymously for discussion purposes as well as by name for facilitator use.
Facilitator Kit provides a complete package to assist with the Time Mastery workshop.  Includes: Faciltator's Manual, Scripted Seminar, Presentation Materials on CD-Rom and two profiles.
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