Team Advantage: Complete Coaching Guide for Team Transformation

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Team Advantage: Complete Coaching Guide For Team Transformation: Coach's Facilitation Guide Set developed by D.J Mitsch provides a complete framework for driving extraordinary, sustainable team transformation.  Team Advantage is a proven team coaching program designed to transform teams and their leaders through a developmental process-one that goes beyond the typical two day team building event. 
Team Advantage Coaching Process consists of four phases of team development and has been designed to be implemented over the course of 16 weeks.
  • Pre-game preparation: Coaching the team leader and interviewing each team member to set the stage for the program
  • Kick off the workshop- the team creates their own game plan oriented around an extraordinary goal
  • Weekly coaching sessions- team members provide progress updates and learn to support teammates
  • Review of team accomplishments and its transformation.  The team takes time to assimilate learning and celebrate their wins and their new level of communication.
Team Advantage training package includes the Coach's Facilitator Guide, Team  Leader's Field Guide for the team leader and a Team Member Guide  for the team members.  Each team member must have their own Team Member Guide available separately.
Praise for Team Advantage-"Team Advantage is for any leader with a team and a goal.  It's a proven process with challenges and rewards that will drive your team past typical corporate objectives to new levels of engagement and commitment.  You can transform your team....and your Team Advantage" Ken Blanchard

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