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Switch On! Series of five short motivational programs on DVD to help foster a more positive culture in your workplace.  Each program shows a range of typical thinking patterns and behaviors that underpin workplace performance.  The series created by noted psychologist Eve Ash, to help people identify and change negative thinking patterns.  She uses her notion of "scripts" or "messages" in our head that help us or hinder us at work.
Key Training Points
  • the power of success starts with the way we think
  • positive messages and affirmations make us feel good
  • negative thoughts de-motivate and hold us back
Programs in the Switch On! Series:
  1. Switch On Everyone- 7 minutes- develop a positive motivating culture
  2. Switch On Respect- 6 minutes- ideal for attitude and diversity training
  3. Switch On Service-(Preview Clip)  6 minutes-deliver quality service to internal and external customers
  4. Switch On Caring-(Preview Clip)  6 minutes- for health care professionals, helpers and service staff
  5. Switch On Assertiveness-(Preview Clip)  6 minutes- develop effective assertive communication skills

Training Package includes:  Leader's Guides (.pdf) on each DVD with discussion questions, activities, handouts and full scripts.  Each program is available separately.

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