Success At Work Series: Build Skills for Success

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Success At Work Series: Building Skills for Success At Work provides a look at important skills that all new employees must have to land that new job and for their first days to go smoothly.  The storyline of this 10 part series features two new employees Tatiana and Dion.  Tatiana must overcome her negative thinking and Dion is the smart talking over confident nephew of the boss. The interns have a lot to learn and as you follow each program they receive feedback from their managers and colleagues and start building their skills to succeed at work.

Success At Work Brochure

Success at Work Series Modules
  1. Make a Good Impression 11 minutes
  2. Communicate Effectively 13 minutes
  3. Be Confident and Assertive 11 minutes
  4. Set and Achieve Goals 11 minutes
  5. Prioritize and Organize 12 minutes
  6. Contribute to the Team
  7. Appreciate Feedback
  8. Building Employability Skills
  9. Demonstrate Strengths
  10. Impress at Job Interviews

Each module in the series has Key Training Points and Learning Outcomes on the subject matter in each. 

Training Program Options:
  • DVD with of Leader's Guide( pdf format) with activities, scripts, discussion questions, Certificates, PowerPoint Slides and trailers
  • Video Streaming License available- call us for this option

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