Succeeding at Work: The Adventure Begins

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Succeding At Work- The Adventure Begins training program with DVD for new employee orientation is entertaining with it's space ship theme of a crew that is learning valuable lessons about how they should treat each other, communicate with each other, serve both their internal and external customers and value the diverse skills and backgrounds they each bring with them. The program is divided into modular segments making it easy to explore the issues raised in the video.
Key Training Areas:
  • the organizations' mission
  • their performance objectives
  • their organizations' core workplace values
  • policies on harassment and diversity
  • appearance and punctuality standards
  • respectful communication issues
  • customer service practices
  • need to take responsibility for their own career success

Training Package includes: DVD(18 minutes) with comprehensive Facilitator's Guide. Optional workbooks for participants are available that include individual study sections on each of the key training areas.  This program is also available for customization at 6 points throughout the video where you can address issues and policies specific to your organizsation.   The program is also available for digital streaming license.  Call us to discuss these options for your organization

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