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Sam Glenn's Live Presentations to build Better Teams, Better Service and Better Business!

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The Sam Glenn Series contains 3 hilarious new programs perfect as sessions starters to "wake up", "liven up" your audience.  These improv type programs feature  Sam Glenn  sharing his thoughts on attitude, change, and well… lizards on DVD or available for digital streaming.   You’ll find that Sam’s Lizard Philosophy and humorous stories of how he deals with changes, challenges, the unexpected, and negative people will be a refreshing change, and we're sure your staff will too.

Sam Glenn Series includes:
  • A Kick in the Attitude!™  
  • When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail™  
  • Who Put a Lizard in My Lasagna 
  • Three Part Series on DVD includes:

    A Kick in the Attitude!™
          with Leader's Guide and PowerPoint

    When Change Happens, Adjust Your Sail™
         with Leader's Guide and PowerPoint

    Who Put A Lizard In My Lasagna?™
         with Leader's Guide and PowerPoint

    Exciting News! This series can now be streamed over the web!  Contact us for more information and setup of this format for your organization.  Easy to access for your trainers' or for each employee to supply a quick hit of positive energy!


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