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Results  Rule! training workshop hosted by author Randy Pennington, we see first hand through interviews with corporate and team leaders responsible for building and sustaining  their culture how they have implemented the Results Rule! philosphy to respond to the needs of the customers, both internal and external.  
Creating a Results Rule! Culture will turn your uniqueness into a competitive asset.  Learn through the steps outlined in this workshop how to build and maintain a successful results driven culture within your organization.  Do you want your organization to be a: Has Been-Wanna Be or Hero in the hearts and minds of your customers?
For a sustainable competitive advantage, Randy Pennington provides us with real world strategies to:
  • focus employees on the fundamentals of good business and the value of performance according to standards
  • build partnerships between employees and customers by being consistent and accountable in delivery of services
  • encouraging your workforce to do what's best rather than what is easiest by setting expectations and refining processes
  • create accountability and quality standards at all levels to produce results for your organization and your customers
Training Package includes:
  • DVD with two part training video- Part One: 19minutes/ Part Two: 23 minutes
  • CD Resource Package containing: Facilitator Guide, Workshop Participant Materials, PowerPoint Presentation and printable Results Rule! poster
  • One (1) copy of the best selling book Results Rule! Build A Culture that Blows the Competition Away-Randy Pennington
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