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Red a short  three minute story on DVD about the problem of bullying.  We see how a young boy is the constant victim of bullying and of another who has his back.  Workplace bullying and harassment are among the leading causes of stress in the workplace.  Unfortunately lawsuits are on the rise but the aftermath of this type of workplace harassment has lasting affects on the harassed indivdual and their co-workers. 
Red uses the power metaphor "All we need is one person to stand by us".  Often taking subtle forms, bullying is an insidious ad destructive force.  This short film focuses on bullying of a young person by his peers.  However, using this as an example is excellent  to what starts in childhood often carries into behavior we see in adults in the workplace.
Key Training Points:
  • expose employees to the signs, types and effects of bullying
  • demonstrate peaceful interventions
  • inspire employees to prevent and stop harassment



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