Protecting Your Back ( Healthcare Workers)

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Protecting Your Back training program with DVD on proper ways to lift so we protect out backs.  Back injuries hurt a lot! They hurt your employees, your staffing levels, your efficiency, your morale, your workers' compensation claims and your insurance premiums. This program includes instruction on proper body mechanics, patient transfer techniques and exercises which will help you avoid what OSHA has called "the nation's number one workplace safety problem."

  • How to avoid injury through proper body mechanics
  • Safe lifting techniques
  • Back strengthening exercises
  • Bonus segment on avoiding injury during patient transfer

Training package includes DVD 19 minutes plus Leader's guide and PowerPoint Presentation with trainee handbook.  Additional handbooks available in packs of 10.  BAC000-HBK

This program is also available for digital streaming.

Sold in packs of 10.

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