Project Management Toolkit

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Project Management Tool Kit is a comprehensive resource that identifies the competencies for successful project managers and organizations; provides reproducible assessments to measure organization and individual strengths; facilitates developmental action planning; includes comprehensive facilitator instructions (including handouts and transparency masters for a half- and full-day training program); and has self-instructional job aids and a case study. Projects are a way of life, in both technical and nontechnical disciplines: human resources, finance, procurement, marketing, and other functional areas use projects to get work done. Improving your existing project management skills will increase your organizational and individual performance.

Use The Project Management Tool Kit to:

  • Introduce competency orientation to your project management
  • Evaluate organization readiness and individual project management skills
  • Conduct group training
  • Provide useful job aids for intact project team planning
  • Apply project management to concepts such as knowledge management
  • Analyze your current project management processes

The Project Management Tool Kit includes:

  • Comprehensive Facilitator's Guide (3-Ring Binder with overhead masters and PowerPointTM slide disk)
  • A half-day and full-day training program
  • Two reproducible competency assessments with a developmental resource guide for action planning
  • Two reproducible organization readiness assessments with recommended actions
  • Four copies of the Project Management Workbook with processes and forms
  • Four copies of the "Knowledge Management Case Study" to illustrate the use of project management principles and tools

The participant workbook is a necessary component for this workshop.  The workbooks are  in packs of five (5) and are purchased separately.

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