Personal Listening Profile

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Personal Listening Profile provides insight into our most natural appraoch to listening.  Available as a paper assessment or through our on-line EPIC portal.
Personal Listening Profile Sample ( EPIC) format provides a 16 page report giving personalized strengths and growth areas and also provides suggestions for improvement.  It includes the Communication Gap Analysis, an at a glance look at how the respondent's listening strengths and weaknesses relate to the intended message of the speaker.    Also included in the report is an Action Planning Section to enable respondent to reflect on their listening styles and to develop strategies for improvement. 
Personal Listening Profile - paper format  includes the assessment, scoring and an action plan for continued development.
For those facilitating a Listening Skills improvement with the Personal Listening Profile, we have a facilitator kit which includes all materials necessary to present a complete workshop.  Also available through the on-line format is a Persona Listening Facilitator Report Sample that gives a snapshot of group dynamics by showing the similarities and differences that can lead to miscommunication.  It also helps to identify those individuals whose scores fall outside of group averages and who may feel isolated by the dominant listening styles of the group. 
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