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People is a visually engaging 4 minute session starter for any session you are conducting on Leadership/Management training, Interviewing, Performance Appraisal, Coaching, Diversity, Harassment, Customer Service, Teamwork......

People was originally inspired years ago by a mere three lines from a poem and was more recently impassioned by observing the outpouring of global humanity after the unfortunate tragedies of our new century.

It's interesting to observe how the world drops all of its prejudices and differences and rushes to the aid of those in need, regardless of race, religion, country or political differences during times and events such as these.

People beautifully illustrates the potential of these universal human traits of kindness, generosity, and respect in our workplaces. This powerful, 4-minute video gets to the heart of the one thing that unites all people on earth. This one thing is the key to success in all our relationships.

Find out what this one thing is - Preview People today! You've never seen anything quite like it. It is NOT a meeting opener. It is a session anchor, an essential tool for every program you conduct.

 Training Package includes DVD.  Effective People Skills Book can be purchased separately to be used to enhance the training workshop.

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