Paradigm Principles

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Paradigm Principles training program with DVD featuring Joel Barker takes us from being just aware of change and the power of paradigms to having the tools we need to harness that power.  Joel Barker explains through vivid examples, how to determine when the next paradigm is likely to appear and how to find them.  "When you change your paradigm, you change your future". Features examples of watch makers, paper industry, health research, privatizing pension fund in Chile and  the work of Rachel Carson. Timeless classic that is always relevant.
Key Training Points:
  • identify the life span of your existing paradigm
  • anticipate where new industry paradigms are likely to appear
  • regularly, purposefully, examine current practices
  • prepare for the challenges of a Paradigm Shift
Features paradigm shifts for Swiss Watch Makers, Paper Industry, Health Research and more.
Training Package includes:  DVD plus Training Manual
Digital Streaming License available.  Call for details



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