Parable of the Sadhu

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Parable of the Sadhu presents the true story of a mountain climbing expedition to the Himalayas.  During a climb, Bowen McCoy then a managing director at Morgan Stanley Company and his party found a pilgrim or Sadhu, dying of the cold.  Although the climbers helped the holy man,   McCoy and his team ultimately pressed on with their trek, determined to reach the summit. 
The unexpected ethical dilemma left them questioning their values ...and the values of business which often places goal achievement ahead of other considerations. An awarding winning documentary style program in the area of Business Ethics.
This benchmark film provides the basic for a good debate as we observe a forum of business leaders debate what they might have done if this  ethical challenge had been presented to them.

Key Training Questions:
  • what happens to an individual's personal code of ethics in the complex and competitive business environment
  • how do ethical decisions affect the individual and in turn the potential of the organziation

Running time of film: 32 minutes

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