Muppets Spoof Combo

Muppet meeting films provide a well deserved break from meetings.

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Muppet Spoof Combo Library contains 17 of the most popular meeting break films featuring the Muppets.  This library features:

Muppet Spoof Combo

This Muppet DVD contains 17 Muppet titles and is available for purchase as a great value for your company. You will find yourself using these Muppet Meeting Films for a variety of meetings in any of your departments.  Titles include:


The B.I.G. Plan

The Coffee Break Machine
Executive’s Island
Grump Critic
How To End A Meeting
Introduction With A Slight Snare
Just A Few Announcements
Leo and the Monster
Let’s Have The Dam Break
Meal Break
The Meeting That Would Not Die
Safety Zone
Top Ten Reasons to Take a Break
What’s This Meeting All About?
Who Needs a Break?


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