Muppets Business Satire Collection

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The Muppet Business Satire Combo contains 15 of the all time best of the Muppets.  A great value for this wide selection perfect for any type of meetings and a great addition to your library of meeting opener break films:

  1. The Art of Negotiation
  2. Benefits -
  3. Big Picture
  4. Blinded by Research
  5. Computer!
  6. Executive's Island
  7. Great Moments in Business History
  8. Half-Minute Manager
  9. The Meeting That Wouldn't Die
  10. Nobody's Perfect
  11. Now Hear This
  12. Take This Form and File It!
  13. Teamwork in Action
  14. Think Bigger
  15. Wheels of Progress

Each film runs about 3 minutes and are perfect for motivation,  a needed break during meetings, communication, management skills.

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