Love your Customers with John O'Hurley

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Love Your Customers & Love Your Difficult Customers  with John O'Hurley is a two part video based  training workshop that explores  four key learning points for providing great customer service. John O'Hurley well know for his acting in Seinfeld and currently acting in Spamalot and hosting Family Feud, knows alot about treating customers well. 

Program 1: Love Your Customers
  • Welcome your customers
  1. Focus on what they have to say
  2. make eye contact
  3. watch your body language
  4. smile
  • Attend to the needs of your customers:
  1. Give the customer all the time in the world -don't rush
  2. Make everyone feel like a VIP
  3. Listen then repeat their needs for clarification
  4. Help them in every way you can
  • Be Informed:
  1. Explain products and services available in a simple to understand way
  2. Know what customers value
  3. Not sure? Ask the customer
  4. Be candid

Thank them each and every time

Program  2: Love Your Difficult Customers presents four simple to follow steps to help provide great customer service to your difficult customers:

  1. Take responsibility...remember that YOU are the company
  2. Listen and Confirm: Be sure that you understand their needs
  3. Empathize: let them know you appreciate how they feel.
  4. Provide options: emplower your customer with options so that a solution can be reached.

Training Package includes:  DVD both films 28 minute"Love Your Customers" and 11 minute "Love Your Difficult Customers" Actions Guides for both films plus pocket reminder cards (10) each for each film.




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