Life Is Good and Work Can Be Too!

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Life Is Good and Work Can Be Too training program about the Life Is Good™ Company. filmed on location in stores, factories, at  trade shows and festivals across the country.  Perfect for: employee engagement,  internal/external customer service, quality improvement,brand recognition, corporate culture improvement , teamwork, decision making, leadership/management, empowerment, and another vital for all - improving sales!

You will enjoy  seeing  how the positive attitude of the employees translates into a happier and more productive workplace.  They provide great customer service in all they do both for their internal and external customers. The Life Is Good™ employees, managers and customers  talk about the quality of the products and services and how their philosphy provides opportunitites for everyone to do what they like and like what they do.
Key Learning Points:
  • Spread Good Vibes
  • Do what you like and like what you do
  • What would Jake Do? ( Jake is the stick figure with a contagious smile on many of the Life Is Good™ products)
  • Half Full - bring  optimism to work each day

Training Package: VHS or DVD (24 minutes)includes a comprehensive Facilitator's Guide, Participant Guide, 10 Pocket reminder Cards, a Life Is Good™ Coffee Mug and Magnet.

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