Learning The Accounting Game: The Basics of Finance

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Learning the Accounting Game: The Basics  training program with DVD covers critical accounting skills in a concise and entertaining manner. Provide your employees with a fundamental understanding of how your organization makes money...and more importantly how each person contributes to your financial success. Available in Spanish Language Only
Participants will learn the equivalent of a semester's worth of Accounting 101 in one fun day through an interactive simulation.  Employees will learn where they fit into your organization's cost structure and how they impact the bottom line.  Scenarios help participants see how different business transactions affect the statements. 

Key Training Areas:

  • Balance Sheet/ Cash Statement/ Profit vs. Cash
  • Inventory, Cost Per Unit
  • Expenses
  • Notes Payable
  • Income Statement
  • Retained Earnings
  • Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable
  • Fixed Assets

Training Package includes DVD in Spanish (26) minutes plus Leader's Guide and customizable PowerPoint presentation on CD-Rom and one student workbook- 48 pages   Additional  quantities of the workbook Learning the Accounting Game: The Basics  will provide participants with a foundation in the basics of accounting.  It covers the three common acounting statements: the balance sheet-the income statement- and the cash statement available separately for each trainee.