Journey To Newland: Road Map For Transformational Change

Illustrates the process, principles and capabilitites required for successful change.

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Journey to Newland: A Road Map for Transformational Change interactive  workshop provides a complete landscape  of principles for transformational change.  Journey to Newland  story allows you to scale to different levels of transformational change  by using a common language.  Lack of a common, unifying language is one of the greatest barriers to transformational change.  If the mountain represents the full extent of the Journey as illlustrated by the story, you can scale the content to whatever point of engagement you need:  the exectuive team, middle managers, corporate office, branch offices or employee orientation./onboarding. It can be used for transformational change initiatives in business, education, non-profit organizations, communities, local governments and even nations.
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The symbolic places in Journey To Newland were carefully chosen to mirror real life situations.  The Globaland map lays out a clear picture of when and how to leave Oldland; overcome the obstacles of Nostalgia Desert and Comfort Valley; utilize the Meeting Place, Resource River and the Grapevine; find Leverage Lake; cross Timing Ridge; widen Capacity Stream; navigate Growth River and Changeland; blaze through Transition Valley and reap the opportunity in Newland.
In this comprehensive program, training and organizational development professionals will find an integrated design and infrastructure that enables them to focus on the important issues of leadership, change, teamwork diversity and communication.  This program facilitates participants to explore and master the skills that are most crucial to transformative change: leading change, building teams, valuing differences and improving communication.

The training workshop includes:  animated fable on DVD (20 minutes) with subtitle options in English and Spanish, Facilitator's Guide, (1) copy of the story book and (1) copy of the Pre-Journey Guide ( self assessment), copy of Participant Workbook, plus state of the art electronic teaching tool on CD-Rom.    Each participant should complete the pre-journey guide, read the Journey to Newland: A Road Map for Transformational Change Story  book and be provided their own personal Participant Workbook  prior to attending the workshop.  Pre-Journey guides and workbooks are available separately in quantity.

Interview with Bill Poole Author of Journey to Newland

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