Jamie's Kitchen: Fifteen Lessons on Teamwork

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Jamie's Kitchen: Fifteen Lessons on Teamwork  featuring Jamie Oliver, focuses on the key stages of team development: forming, norming and performing. It follows Jamie's young chef trainees as they move through these stages to come together as an effective unit.  The program identifies four easy-to-remember learning points so your team can apply the trainee's experiences to improve their own team skills.

  1. Get It Straight- forming-when the team members are put together for the first time. The goals and expectations of the team have to be clearly established.
  2. Get On Board-storming-individual strengths and weaknesses start to emerge as team members work out how to support each other.
  3. Get Stuck In-norming-the team has to work out how to resolve conflict and solve problems as well as dealing with practicalities such as how taks are shared out.
  4. Get Better-performing-when the group is functioning as a true team. The question for the team now is: Are we learning all the time, not just from the good things but also from our mistakes?
Training Package: includes training film on DVD (25 minutes) plus Facilitator's guide, Group training workbook, self study workbook , customizable worksheets, PowerPoint slides and handouts, plus Poster of key training points on CD.  Also available is the "Blended Learning Pack"-this includes the DVD plus a Self Study CD of the course which is perfect for those unable to attend on-site raining or as a refresher.
Jamie Oliver has been honored as the 2010 TED Award Recipient for his ongoing work with children and the homeless.  He has opened quite a number of FIFTEEN restaurants that came about with the help of the young people he  rescued from the streets of London and trained to be young chefs.

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