Invisible Meeting: How To Conduct Virtual Meetings

Improve your virtual metings with this how to workshop with dvd.

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Invisible Meeting  training workshop with DVD provides essential training on how to conduct productive virtual meetings. Too often web conferencing or virtual meetings using any type of technology can get off track.   Even when we are face to face, meetings can fall apart and all that was to be covered comes up short.  This new program has been developed for all staff levels to provide useful tips to keep meetings on target so that they are not referred to as a complete waste of time.  Training your staff with this program will make your conference calls more effective, saving your organization time and money.
Invisible Meetings is a complete workshop with DVD demonstrating the skills needed to get the most from your virtual meetings.
The Invisible Meeting” demon­strates 6 effective techniques for making your conference calls more productive.  This engaging program reveals the “challenges” and the “virtual rules” that both participants and meeting organizers need to know. 

Key Training Points:

  1. Cyber Coordinate
  2. Minimize Noise
  3. Announce
  4. Get Verbal Feedback
  5. Use Clear Language
  6. Be A Team

Training Package includes:  DVD ( 18 minutes) plus comprehensive Facilitator's Guide with reproducible worksheets for participants.  A CD-Rom is also included containing the Facilitator's Guide in a .pdf format plus PowerPoint Presentation.  This program is closed captioned. 

This program can be licensed for digital streaming rights.  Rates are based on the number of users and the term of use.  Call us to  setup this option.

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