How You Think IS Everything!

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How You Think IS Everything: The Power of Natural Intelligence  features ex-hostage Terry Anderson( Associated Press bureau chief in Beirut who was held hostage) as he recalls the lessons learned from his seven years in captivity.  Developing coping strategies that enabled him to thrive in a extremely difficult environment.  Together with acclaimed human intelligence expert Dr. Robert Flower, Anderson teaches skills that empower professionals to succeed no matter what challenges they face. 

What sets apart people who achieve their goals from those who don't?  This groundbreaking  one or four hour workshop teaches employees to focus on goals instead of obstacles, to eliminate habits that stifle innovation and progress and to focus on what they're doing- not how they're doing.  A tranformative process experience that leaves a lasting impression.  This program will inspire participants to cultivate new ways of thinking that create personal and professional success. 

Key Training Points:

  • Learn to focus on goals instead of obstacles
  • Understand the need for personal growth
  • Assess their current position and status
  • Identify one trait they would like to change
  • Set specific targets
  • Learn the difference between product and process goals
  • Chart goals in order to break them down into manageable steps
  • Create and use goal trees
  • Write a personal "goal statement"
  • Monitor progress toward their goals


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