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Harassment Hurts: It's Personal training program on DVD explores the pain and cost of harassment, covering such topics as age, race,  political affiliation, pregnancy, ethnicity, and much more.  Harassment Hurt's explains harassment and uses personalized stories and detailed legal and policy definitions to cover all types of harassment in organizations and workplaces.  Harassment hurts us all..from individuals to entire companies--and Harassment Hurts: It's Personal is a comprehensive program under twenty minutes that explores issues of harassment, the ramifications and the proven remedies.

This program also includes a 5 minute session opener: Opening Lines:  Exploring Harassment.  This five minute program explores issues of harassment by presenting legal definitions, what to do when employees are harassed and the consequences employees will face if they harass others.  With or without voice over, this is a perfect tool to ensure that all employees understand your organizations harassment policy.  Bright music and bold graphics keep attention while well-articulated learning points fade up and down to present both a legal and personal exploration of harassment today.  This short program can also be used as a new employee orientation tool, meeting open or closer for any harassment training, including the full length companion program-Harassment Hurts: It's Personal or as a quick course refresher for your company's anti-harassment policy. Available Formats:  Digital Streaming or Classroom Facilitated (DVD)

Key Learning Points

  • Understand and learn what harassment is and isn't.
  • Learn the different types of harassment and their negative ramifications.
  • Through individual narratives, learn the negative consequences of various types of harassment.
  • Explore all types of harassment. For example, discrimination based on any differences of marital status, political affiliation and much more.
  • See how statistics demonstrate the prevalence of harassment in the workplace.
  • Learn how to speak up about harassment and where to turn if you are harassed.

Training Package includes DVD (18 minutes plus the (5) minute meeting  opener: Opening Lines: Exploring Harassment, Leader's Guide and Reproducible Participant Materials plus PowerPoint Presentation on CD-Rom.  Also available for digital streaming license.  Need to also have this program available in Spanish....we have that too!
Opening Lines: Exploring Harassment can also be purchased separately. 

Also available for digital streaming license.

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