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The Happiness Advantage with Shawn Achor author and former Harvard Professor introduces us to the skills we can learn to enjoy more happiness.  The Happiness Advantage shows us how happiness can improve your performance and satisfaction at work.  Happy is a healthy state of mind and it is infectious!  When our brains are happy, that positive feeling will ripple out to those around us, which can raise productivity and help us work faster and smarter. 
The Main Program Package: includes The Happiness Advantage (38 minute) DVD plus two shortcut versions at 20 and 27 minutes each-included on the DVD for ease in training flexibility plus Workbook
The Complete Package includes DVD 1 The Happiness Advantage plus DVD 2 containing (5) Implementation Modules,plus reproducible workbook
Implementation Modules are:
  • Zorro Circle-7 mins.
  • Social Investment-6 mins.  
  • Falling Up-7 minutes   
  • Leading Positive Change-10 mins  
  • Mindset Matters- 7 mins

The Happiness Advantage has won a Telly for outstanding training program. This program, hosted by Shawn Achor is based on Shawn Achor’s best selling book and shows how companies can improve job satisfaction, productivity, and creativity by focusing on positivity in the workplace. The results from this work can be amazing!



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