Gifts From The Mountain

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Gifts From The Mountain hosted by noted author and professional speaker Eileen McDargh is an inspiring program filled with Simple Truths for Life's Complexities.  We all live in a nonstop world pulling us in limitless directions, the demands of a hectic life are like climbing some kind of mountain every day.  By slowing down and considering our surroundings, we can better appreciate the journey and lead more productive, positive and purposeful lives.
Eileen McDargh enjoys hiking and being in nature.  As we see the beauty of nature present in the mountain area scenes in this program, she shares with  us six concepts from the Gifts of the Mountain:
  1. Look for Viewing Points- bring in other viewpoints open to other peoples way of looking at things.
  2. Every Ounce  Counts- what am I holding onto that does not serve me anymore, positive or negative?
  3. Don't Cross The Creek Until You Come To It- don't make yourself afraid of change before it even occurs!
  4. Watch Out For Wild Onions- how can we add a little zest to our lives!
  5. The Easy Trail Can Be The Most Dangerous- times when we become complacent and take our eyes off what we are doing and perhaps then  not doing it as well as we could.
  6. Celebrate How Far You've Come- celebrate the obstacles you have overcome and what went well, consider what would I do different the next time to bring a better result.
Training Package includes: DVD containing "Gifts From The Mountain" (14 minutes)plus Training Guide, Firestarter Conversation Guide, Healthcare & Education Version Transcripts and PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Gifts From The Mountain"  is also available for digital us to explore this option for your organization.

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