Answers to our most frequent questions:

  • Can I preview a program before I purchase it?
Yes.  Most of our programs have an on-line preview option.  You will see a button in the program description which prompts you  to click and start the preview. Viewing of the preview is best when using Internet Explorer.

You are not permitted  to download the previews on to your company website.   This is infringement of our copyright license. 
  • What are my payment options?
We accept all major credit cards as well as government purchase cards.  If you would like to submit your purchase order to be invoiced against, please contact our customer service department to make those arrangements. Call (888)894-6224

  • Can you mail me a catalog?
Our product line is constantly being updated and due to this constant change it is available on-line only.

  • What does my license include?
You can show the program to as many members of your organization as often as you like.  You may not make copies for archival purposes, or as a back-up, you may NOT lend, sell, rent or otherwise make the program available to any person or entity that is not part of your organization.
You may NOT show the program to individuals or groups of any size using digital means such as streaming, close circuit, local area broadcast, cable or any other electronic means unless you have entered into a contract to do so.  Please contact our customer service team and they will assist with a license for these delivery formats.

  • Are your programs available for streaming or intranet delivery?
Yes, most of our programs which include a training film are able to be streamed or delivered via your LMS or the internet. We offer short and long term licenses  Please contact us with your questions and we will assist you. 

We are available Monday-Friday @ (888)894-6224 or (610)734-1546 or write:
You are also welcome to use the website's  Chat On-Line Feature  with a customer service representative while you are browsing our on-line catalog.
  • Payment, Pricing & Promotions

Prices at checkout reflect prices on a product's detail page as well as any coupon codes you have entered. However, it is possible that a price could change while you have an item in your shopping cart.

While we strive to provide accurate prices on all of our products, typographical errors may occur. We reserve the right at our discretion to refuse or cancel any orders placed for a certain item. Customers who purchase an incorrectly-priced item will be contacted via email or phone.

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