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First Time Manager Essential Skills training workshop by the Blanchard Company introduces Four Core Conversations and the coaching skills first-time managers need to achieve success quickly and build positive relationships with their teams.  This program based on The New One Minute Manager,  benefits anyone considering a transition into a management role, by those newly promoted to manager or early in their management career but also very beneficial for anyone in a managerial position.

Developed by the Blanchard training team, this workshop is based on the bestselling book The New One Minute Manager. Coauthors Scott Blanchard, principal of The Ken Blanchard Companies, and Linda Miller, global liaison for coaching, believe these skills will equip new managers to have productive conversations with direct reports.


Essential Skills 

  • Goal Setting
  • Day to Day Coaching
  • Performance Review
  • Listen to Learn
  • Inquire for Insight,
  • Tell Your Truth
  • Express Confidence.

FirstTime Manager Essential Skills training provides a foundation for managing people. 

The program lays out these essential skills and conversations in a six-hour workshop design with engaging activities, entertaining videos, and skill practice, as well as access to a learner portal that provides key assets for practice and reinforcement back on the job.



  • Identify the mind-set shifts required to make the transition from individual contributor to manager
  • Learn how to use the Four Core Conversations based on the secrets of The New One Minute Manager book
  • Gain the skills needed to boost relationships and work well with others based on our time-tested coaching model
  • Practice the Essential Skills and the Four Core Conversations using real-work situations
Facilitator Kit includes Leaders Guide with training design, video clips and PowerPoint (electronic download). Participant Workbooks are in packs of 10- (printed)

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