Exercising Influence

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Exercising Influence workshop authored by Kim Barnes provides the tools to increase the understanding of influence in your organization and to develop your employees as influencers.

Exercising Influence Discussion Guide specifically for facilitator's to guide participants through the complex process of understanding and developing effective influencing skills.  The guide includes several preparatory chapters and eight one-hour structured learning conversations for training purposes.

Exercising Influence Workbook for Participants can be used also as a self study guide.  Shows participants how to refect on their "career" as an influencer and provides a structure for further growth and development of their influence skills.  This guide gives them the basics to building relationships that will garner positive results in a variety of workplace situations.  Your participants will discover how to:

  • Apply the concepts and tools to an upcoming influence opportunity
  • Clarify the information by applying each chapter's ideas to a real situation
  • Think through important influence opportunities
  • Journal personal reflections about growth as an influencer and leader

Training Package contains: Facilitator Guide, Discussion Guide and Self Study Guide. Additional Workbooks and Self Study Guides Available 


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