Right Way Wrong Way: Ethics Cases

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Wrong Way Right Way: Ethics Cases training program with DVD covers 17 of the most common ethical problems in the workplace including antitrust, avoiding bribes and kickbacks and prevention of insider training..  Delivered with humor to engage employees, this library of short vignettes, gets to the point, delivers the message by showing employees the wrong and then the right way to handle ethical behavior dilemmas.
- Complete Program
Part One:
  • antitrust
  • bribes and kickbacks
  • confidential information

Part Two:

  • conflicts of interest
  • expense reports
  • gifts and entertainment

Part Three:

  • harassment
  • insider trading
  • records and information management
  • retaliation and speaking up
  • sales-revenue recognition

Training Package includes:  DVD (59 minutes) plus electronic Leader's Guide or purchase of individual Parts.


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