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Video Arts Management Essentials, Workplace Essentials and Customer Service Essentials Video and E-Learning Library combines 70 short videos 1-3 minutes in 32 on line courses. We invite you to view a short preview, introducing this new library of training assets.

The Essentials Video Library: 70 bite-size videos

In each film, lasting between one and three minutes, ‘Bad Manager’ and ‘Good Manager’ introduce us to a managerial or workplace issue. The viewer will grasp the key learning points of a subject while enjoying the Video Arts comedy approach which we know delivers highly effective, compelling learning.

The Essentials E-Learning Library: 32 short online courses

Each course takes about 30 minutes to complete and draws on the entertaining videos from our Essentials video series. The learner is invited to reflect on what they’ve learned in a number of engaging interactions, designed to make the learning stick.

The Cast

Robert Webb (Peep Show), Lucy Liemann (Rev), Helen Baxendale (Friends), Tom Bennett (Phone Shop), Jo Enright (Phoenix Nights), and Kobna Holdbrook-Smith (Turks & Caicos).

The Experts

Clive Shepherd, Charles Jennings, Sir Antony Jay, Dr Peter Honey, Professor John Adair, Desmond Morris, Pat Mitchell, Dr John Hemmingway…to name a few.

The Video and Course  Topics

  1. Being a leader
  2. Counselling
  3. Dealing with absenteeism 
  4. Developing your team
  5. Difficult conversations 
  6. Managing discipline
  7. Motivating your team
  8. One-to-one training
  9. Performance reviews
  10. Praise and criticism
  11. Recruiting
  1. Body language and assertiveness
  2. Communicating on the phone
  3. Communicating in writing
  4. Dealing with stress
  5. Finance and budgets
  6. Managing projects and processes
  7. Managing yourself
  8. Meetings
  9. Negotiating
  10. Presentation skills
  11. Understanding behaviour

  • Customer Service Essentials
  1. A Human Approach
  2. Asking the Right Questions
  3. Behavior Can Help The Matter
  4. Company and Product Loyalty
  5. First Impressions on the Phone
  6. Dealing With Objections
  7. Behavior Breeds Behavior
  8. Choosing Your Behavior
  9. Controlling The Call
  10. Dealing with Objections
  11. Discovering Their Needs
  12. Dropping Your Emotional Baggage
  13. Finding Out What They Want
  14. Knowing Your Stuff
  15. Getting Into Their Heads
  16. How Not To Approach People
  17. Listening To The Customer
  18. Mr Rude
  19. Mr Chatty
  20. Mrs Arrogant
  21. Mrs Picky
  22. Agreeing On Actions
  23. Questioning Techniques Part 1
  24. Questioning Techniques Part 2
  25. Social Media and The Customer
  26. Social Media and You
  27. Stance
  28. Storytelling
  29. Team and Customer Loyalty
  30. Using Your Voice Effectively
  31. Getting to A Solution
  32. E-Mail and Web Chat

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