Everything DiSC Facilitation Kit

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Everything DiSC Facilitator's Kit provides the facilitator with all materials needed to conduct a workshop with participants completing their own personal DiSC Classic assessment that is self scoring and to explore the DiSC Dimensions with the facilitator.
The facilitator kit includes: 
  • Facilitation Manual-Volume 1-Learn How to Administer and Interpret DiSC Classic for best results
  • Scripted Seminar- Volume 2-Complete Facilitator's script, applications, and individual and group activities for active learning
  • CD containing Facilitator's Manual and Presentation Materials
  • 2 DiSC Classic Assessments ( additional assessments for each participant are purchased separately)
  • DiSC Management Action Planner-Building Strategies to Become a More Effective Manager
  • DiSC Sales Action Planner-Increasing Effectiveness in Sales and Service
  • DiSC Managing Performance Action Planner- Incresing Effectiveness in Performance Coaching
  • DiSC Talk! Action Planner-Increasing Effectiveness on the Telephone
  • DiSC Buttons "D" "I" "S" "C"

Contents are contained in sturdy shelf ready box

Purchasing Individual Assessments: 

  • choose assessment you want
  • add to the cart
  • complete your purchase on line
  • After you complete the purchaswe, you will be sent an email message containing the access code and instructions on completing the assessment. 
  • After you complete the assessment, you can save, print or email your report.


 Purchasing Assessments in Quantity: please call us to set up this option


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