Disability, Discrimination and Accommodation On Line Course

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Disability, Discrimination and Accommodation on line interactive course , teaches managers how to effectively and legally manage individuals with covered disabilities and discusses the circumstances in which employers have an obligation to provide reasonable accommodation. It also teaches preventive steps that a manager can take to avoid a claim of disability discrimination. This is an on line interactive course. Available through your LMS of our server.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), as amended by the ADA Amendment Act (ADAAA), and state laws prohibit employment discrimination against the more than one fifth of all Americans who have a mental or physical disability. Employers are required to provide assistance to people with disabilities so they can compete for jobs, gain access to workplaces, and enjoy the benefits of employment.

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Course Features and Highlights:

  • Branding- you can add your company logo
  • Executive Introduction- brief message to employess added at start of course
  • Content- your internal standards and policies may be entered into the course so that your employees are not only compliant but fully understand your mission
  • Flexibility- with our mobile compatible Learning Management System, your employees can begin a course on their desktop and finish on their tablet

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