How to Lose Customers Without Really Trying!

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How To Lose Customers Without Really Trying  is one of the all time classics from Video Arts featuring John Cleese, Dawn French and Hugh Laurie.  This very funny program shows how it is vital to treat customers as personal guests.  Make them feel welcome and indulge their whims.  The vignettes show how customer interactions turn disastrous when a staff member ( John Cleese) patronizes, blames, humiliates or pressures the customer.  Excellent program on customer service with humorous vignettes that help to make the training stick!

Training Audience:

  • suitable for front life staff in any organization
  • humorous scenarios based on real life
  • key learning points suitable for role play or discussion
  • rules are valid for any customer care exercise
Training Options:
  • DVD (26 minutes) plus Facilitator's Guide,  Group Training Workbook, Self Study Workbook, Power Point Presentation, Course Certificate -all customizable on CD.
Video Arts Classic featuring John Cleese, Dawn French, Hugh Laurie, Jennifer Saunders and Stephen Fry

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