Decision Making Inventory

Help your leaders perfect their decision making skills with this powerful tool.

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Decision Making Style Inventory is a 20 item Likert  validated and reliable assessment. Decision making skills are  mission-critical  in today's competitive environment and a pre-requisite for leadership advancement.  The DMI is a poweful tool for helping leaders immediately understand their decision making style, identify potential roadblocks to career advancement and learn more effective ways of interacting with others.  It is a powerful tool that can be used in numerous developmental situations such as formal leadership training, coaching and even performance appraisals.

This validated and reliable assessment:

  • identifies an individual's decision making style preference
  • is an easy to administer, 20 item Likert assessment that takes only 10 minutes to complete and self score
  • gives advice on style effectiveness, how to communicate successfully with other styles and style flexibility
  • can be applied in multiple areas, including leadership, career planning, communication, strategic planning, creativity and innovation.


The Decision Making Inventory Facilitator's Kit is available separately and offers everything you need to successfully administer the Decision Making Style Inventory. The Guide includes the inventoy's complete technical data, validation, correlation and reliability statistics; a section devoted to decision making theory; advice on creating action plans for developing style flexibility; and a sample of both the Decision Making Inventory and the Participant's Workbook.

The Decision Making Inventory Participant Kit includes Workbook and Inventory: The workbook is 40 pages and is used in conjuntion with the Inventory.  The participant workbook  provides background information for the Decision Making Style Inventory anbd understanding un-understandable people.

Contents include:

  • Introduction to the styles
  • Scoring of the Decision Making Style Inventory
  • Treasure Hunters and Detectives
  • Implications of the Decision Making Styles
  • Strengths and Liabilities
  • Putting the Styles to Use
  • What I can Do to Improve the Way I work with Others


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