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Cutting Edge Communication Series follows ten individuals that work together through a landscape of typical situations encountered in office environments around the world.  This candid and often very funny series includes the socially questionable comments,  insults and embarrassments that can be part of dialogues in offices. Each module is dramatized with key points on a hot topic every workplace must consider at one time or another.  Perfect for use as a quick training session starter, digitally stream the entire library for employee self learning.

Presented with the comedic genius of Erin Brown and the workplace psychology of Eve Ash, this series will shock, amaze and entertain while at the same time teach important lessons in human interaction in a way you won't forget. The series will have everyone of all ages enjoying themselves and learning important lessons.

Comedy! Funny! Business Learning!

Achieving SMART Goals

  • Responding Thoughtfully
  • Using Goals to Grow
  • Sharing Feedback
  • Enchancing Service
  • Transforming Silos
  • Overcoming Setbacks
  • Handling Anyone Difficult
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Mediating for Resolution
  • Preparing for Emergencies
  • Ensuring Secuirty
  • Handing the New Wave
  • Coaching New People

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Series Trailer 2
Titles in the Series:
  1. Accepting Change
  2. Creating Positive Impressions
  3. Developing Successful Mindsets 
  4. Embracing New Ideas 
  5. Giving Hygiene Feedback 
  6. Overcoming Dis-empowerment   
  7. Surviving Team Conflicts 
  8. Surviving Stress and Burnout 
  9. Breaking Bullying   
  10. Handling Tricky Appraisals
  11. Understanding Accountability 
  12. Creating a No-Blame Culture 
  13. Ensuring a Respectful Workplace 
  14. De-Cluttering the Office 
  15. Giving Managers Feedback 
  16. Staying Motivated At Work 
  17. Appreciating Diversity
  18. Welcoming New People
  19. Listening Actively
  20. Teaching Greetings
  21. Facing Social Media 
  22. Explaining Skillfully 
  23. Building Relationships 
  24. Presenting with Passion  
  25. Planning and Organizing 
  26. Supervising Effectively 
  27. Supporting Others 
  28. Managing a Complainer 
  29. Diffusing Anger 
  30. Stretching the Team  
  31. Removing Tension 
  32. Working Safely 
  33. Negotiating For Results 
  34. Apologizing Carefully 
  35. Behaving Unprofessionally 
  36. Making Decisions 

Training Package includes: DVD, plus Leader's Guide that includes discussion questions, activities, handouts and full scripts. Each module is available separately make your choice from menu of programs in the series.

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