Cross Cultural Adaptability Inventory( CCAI)

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Cross-Cultural Adaptability Inventory (CCAI) workshop is a powerful experience that helps participants identify their personal areas of low cultural understanding and provides examples of ways to improve them. Participants will identify their individual strengths and weaknesses in four skill areas that are fundamental to effective cross-cultural communication and interaction: Emotional Resilience, Flexibility/Openness, Perceptual Acuity, and Personal Autonomy.

The Facilitator Set is a set of directions for the Cultural Passport to Anywhere and the CCAI Self-Assessment form. Participants explore their own cultural identity and learn to improve their interactions with other cultures. 45 steps create an informative, interesting, practical, and fun learning experience. The design includes detailed methods for using the Passport, as well as the administration, scoring, profiling, and interpretation of the CCAI. This detailed and step-by-step guide for planning and delivering a powerful learning experience give you everything needed to facilitate a full day workshop.

The CCAI Self-Assessment compares an individual’s scores on the four CCAI dimensions and will help identify strengths and weaknesses when it comes to interacting with other cultures. The purpose of this inventory is to help assess an individual’s adaptability to living in another culture and to interact effectively with people of other cultures.

The Workbook and Action-Planning Guide is where participants can take the knowledge they’ve gained during the workshop activities and make a commitment to applying what they’ve learned to their interactions with other cultures.

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Facilitator Set, Self-Assessment (print), Self-Assessment (online)

Time Required

The CCAI takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and score. You can expand the learning into a 2 – 7 hour session. The results must be charted by the participant so time should be allowed for that.


Based on a total of 653 male and female subjects from diverse cultural and occupational backgrounds.

Use With

Multi-national corporations, expatriates, study-abroad, pre-departure training, immigrants, diversity programs, university classes on cross-cultural issues.

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