Ethics: Compliance IS Just The Beginning!

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Compliance IS Just The Beginning  training workshop with DVD is a two part series exploring awareness of core values and standards of ethical behavior. How do you make better ethical decisions at work?  Compliance is essential, but it's not enough. Both programs grapple with the gray areas, the really tough decisions that we face each day.
Program One : Three Steps to Ethical Decision Making (24 minutes)  introduces the process.  Former Enron executives plus six ethics experts discuss the pressures people may feel that can lead them to make poor ethical decisions. These experts explore the importance of being aware of core values as well as the standards of behavior expected by organizations and communities.
The Three Step Process is explored:
  1. The Compliance Test
  2. The Ripple Effect
  3. The Gut Check
Program Two: Ethical Situations to Consider: (32 minutes)  presents 8 dramatized scenarios representing  the most common ethical decisions and dilemmas. By discussing these situations and applying the 3 Steps process in each case, employees gain valuable practice and reinforcement.
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TRAINING PACKAGE COMPONENTS:  Two Part program on  DVD with Facilitator's Guide with Printouts, Course outlines, Reproducible Handouts and optional PowerPoint slides.

Digital Streaming License: These two programs can be digitally streamed within your organization  for group or self-study using the internet or your corporate  intranet. Minimum charge is $395.00 for 65 users-Call for pricing and setup. Spanish language version available.













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