Career Anchors: Changing Nature of Careers Facilitator's Guide Set

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Career Anchors: Changing Nature of Careers Facilitator Guide Set with accompanying Particpant Workbook and Self Assessment.  A "career anchor" is a combination of perceived areas of competence, motives, and values relating to professional work choices. The Career Anchors instrument is designed to help clients identify their anchors and to think about how their values relate to their career choices.

There are eight career anchors:

* Technical/Functional Competence

* General Managerial Competence

* Autonomy/Independence

* Security/Stability

* Entrepreneurial Creativity

* Service/Dedication to a Cause

* Pure Challenge

* Lifestyle

Typically,  every person is concerned to some degree with each of these issues. The label "career anchor" indicates an area of such paramount importance to a person that he or she would not give it up. The person comes to define his or her basic self-image in terms of that concern, and it becomes an overriding issue at every stage of their career.

This new edition of includes new and updated information
  • Addresses the rapidly changing world of business and includes more information on globalization, heightened competition, new technologies, greater organizational instability and uncertainty and shifting societal values, all of which influence career trajectories and career anchors.
  • Includes a more detailed description and elaboration of the eight anchors.
  • Offers a Role Mapping Process which helps to consider the various external demands and pressures and suggests action steps if these external demands are marked by ambiguity, overload and/or conflict.
  • Contains Work Career and Family/life that includes suggestions for how the work, family, and personal patterns identified can interact (for better or worse) with each of the eight career anchors.
  • Presents a new “looking ahead” section of the companion Workbook that begins with a comprehensive look at how the world of work is changing and what these changes may mean for each of the career anchors.
  • Includes developmental activities that participants can use as next steps in their career development

The Career Anchors Assessment  helps participants determine their main "career anchor" for their current position as well as future jobs. The assessment offers targeted insight so that participants are able to make better and more satisfying career choices.

The self-assessment will help:

o   Determine what a participant is good at, what they value, and what motivates them (their career anchor)

o    Know which of the eight anchor categories best defines a participant

o    Establish if an anchor and is matched to the participant's current job

o    Confirm the career changes that are the best fit

o    Clarify what kind of future job a participant should you be looking for

o    Understand the personal development needed to find the an ideal job

Number of Items: 40
Time to complete: 10-15min

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