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Barkles Business Series of motivational meeting openers will add laughter to your training sessions along with motivating your team members.  The Barkles are fun canine companions who star in this hilarious meeting opener series. You'll love the humor as they motivate your team to higher levels of success.

In our introductory series, you get a bowl full of fun. The three programs focus on sales, motivation, and customer service. You don't have to give paws... uh, I mean pause when considering a purchase. This series is for you.

Having a PAWS-O-TIVE Attitude

How often have you felt a little overwhelmed at work? How you choose to respond can make a big difference! In the Having A PAWSOTIVE Attitude program, Arf will show you that having a positive attitude matters and can change your mindset about work! You and your co-workers will be thrilled!

Sales 101: Finding the Itch

If Freda can do it, you can too! In this funny sales meeting video, you'll see how to overcome objections and really connect with the customer... and close the sale!! Sales 101 is a perfect meeting video to get your sales team excited AND motivated to sell your product!

Truly FURRific Customer Service

Some customers are difficult to please... but in this meeting opener, Ollie will show you a great way to deal with a difficult customer while he delivers truly terrific customer service. In addition, Nogs, will explain five key strategies which will help you deliver great customer service. Truly FURRific Customer Service is a short video that will remind and motivate your team to always stay focused on customer service.

Each of these meeting videos has two different conclusions - depending on your meeting needs. One ending is upbeat and motivational and the other is perfect for announcing a break! Both are included on the same DVD.

Get The Barkles Series today and your entire team's tails will be wagging as you howl with delight!

OK, enough with the puns... but really, get this series!

Purchase Includes:

  • Having A PAWSOTIVE Attitude DVD containing:
    - Motivational Ending (3:21 Minutes)
    - Break Ending (3:27 Minutes)
  • Sales 101 Finding the Itch DVD containing:
    - Motivational Ending (2:14 Minutes)
    - Break Ending (2:16 Minutes)
  • Truly FURRific Customer Service DVD containing:
    - Motivational Ending (3:02 Minutes)
    - Break Ending (3:00 Minutes)


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